Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Sweet Like Chocolate

Sweet like chocolate

When I saw these chocolate avatars from Curio Obscura featured on the Virtual Vagabond Blog it really did get my gigglers going. I love the sillier side of SL and these beauties certainly fit into that category.

In the box, which you can pick up for free, you get the Chocolate coated skin, matching hair and eyes. You can then customise your look by wearing whatever shape takes your fancy. I don't think I've ever looked quite so tasty! MmmMmmMmm!

Though you can't see a great deal of it in the background in this picture I'm in the "Grumpy Old Men Fishing Shack" that I picked up from Prism in the Cold Winter Nights hunt for just L$10. The beds have several adjustable poses in them and there is a bench on the other side that is also loaded with poses. In the corner to the right of Mr Melty is a quaint little stove - a source of heat these two could probably do without!

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