Friday, 4 January 2013

SMARTMESH - Chillie - Rider Jacket

Smart Mesh - Chillie - Rider Jacket

I'm finding myself with a rapidly expanding collection of mesh clothing in my inventory - just like most people no doubt. I do love me some meshy goodness, but there are a couple of things I don't like about it too. One is having my inventory clogged up with at least 6 different sizes of the same thing with (almost) every purchase I make. Second is the constant 'mini tweaks' I'm having to make to various bits of my shape so that it fits properly.

Now, sure I could delete the sizes that don't fit my avatar, but then what if I decide to change my shape somewhere down the line either for good or just for fun and find the version I kept doesn't fit anymore? That'd be crazy amounts of frustrating...Especially if I'd thrown out the original box with all the sizes in it

I'm hoping my mini gripe with mesh will end up becoming a thing of the past in the not too distant future with the introduction of SMARTMESH™. This very aptly named new type of mesh adapts to fit your shape which means you only need a single "One size fits all" item in your inventory.

I thought I'd give Smartmesh a test drive in the form of this jacket from Chillie. When I got it the group was free to join and there were two jackets available at a reduced price. One was completely free for group members and a second "Cherry" one was on a promotional deal for just L$99. I'm not sure whether the in-world deal is still running, but at the time of posting, this one is available on the Marketplace.

Just before I go I'd like to draw your attention to the little snippet of urban goodness behind me. I visited a place built by my friend Dido's friend Mind Vision in 3D Max which he uploaded to the grid. It really is wonderfully textured and detailed right down to having electricity boxes on the walls. 

You can see some better pictures here on Dido's blog, visit in-world, and even purchase the "Urban Neighborhood" from Mind Vision on the marketplace.

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