Friday, 25 January 2013

Hidden Faces @ Nitroglobus Gallery

Masked Beauty - NGG Party + Dido Rez Day

On Wednesday evening there a party to celebrate the opening of the latest exhibit at Nitroglobus Gallery This time around the beautiful and thought provoking works of Mistero Hifeng adorn the walls while sculptures created by Nitro Fireguard stand around proudly.

With this exhibit bearing the title "Hidden Faces" the party was themed with masks, veils, hats and other similar items as the order of the day. Everyone looked fabulous! I had a bit of trouble deciding whether to be silly and just stick a paper bag over my head or go for something a little more proper.

As my gorgeous girlfriend - pictured with me here - went to the trouble of putting such a splendid outfit together for the evening I thought that a paper bag was out of the question so ended up going for something at least somewhat more formal that I am used to wearing.

The evening ended up being a double celebration as it was my good friend, and gallery manager, Dido's rez day! I think I can safely say everyone that attended really enjoyed themselves listening to great music from DJ Lex, and watching pretty light shows that appeared out of thin air before disappearing again.

As always if you find yourself at a loose end I highly recommend a visit. While you're there why not have a look down at ground level. The sim is absolutely gorgeous too.

Until next time,


Dido Haas said...

Wow what a lovely photo! Thanks soo much Kooky for this blog post. I love it.
You are the best
dikke kus

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