Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Thingamabob


I just love the picture above. It came about far more by luck than judgement but then again so did the outfit/costume/whatever-it-is that I'm wearing too.

I was having a little wander around earlier today visiting stores I've not been to in a while. One place I went to was  ::[P I X E L S]:: where I found the V2 GhostKat Jacket* and what a fun little item it is! I played with the idea of going bright and colourful but ended plumping for an all black number; adding a pair of jeans from Spearsong and my trusted old +DV8+ Candy Kitty boots which are sadly no longer available.


I thought I'd better add an image closer to the snapshot I took in-world so you have a better idea of what the top actually looks like. It's made the 'old fashioned way' with clothing layers and prim attachments for the sleeves, hood, collar and the jacket bottom. It's available in a choice of several different colour which is always nice.

I'm not really sure what I am, but I think I look pretty funky!

Until next time,

* The creepy smile mask I'm wearing is included with the jacket


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