Wednesday, 5 December 2012

An Early Present...

New Boots <3 <3
From me!

I'm not sure it's the done thing to just blog about footwear, but these boots are more than deserving of a post all of their very own. I got crazy amounts of excited when I saw them over at J's and wasted no time at all in trying out the demo even though I knew I'd end up buying them anyway.

The fab thing about these boots is the way in which you can alter the size of them. Not only can you make the entire boot bigger or smaller you also have the option to change the length.and width separately. This meant I was able to get them to fit perfectly over the top of my skinny Blueberry jeans.

The detailing of the leather, sole and laces is absolutely exquisite  I'm completely blown away by the quality of them. Wow. Just Wow! They're worth every single linden dollar I paid and more in my opinion.

Already having similar boots from Gos I had little trouble choosing a colour which makes a change! I've always wanted a pair of "Oxblood red" boots like these and might even have to follow up my SL purchase with a 'first life' one in a very similar style. I love me some DMs!

Until next time,
An overly excitabubble


Dido Haas said...

great gift you gave you ^^

Kooky Jules said...

Aren't they just? I'll be wearing these a great deal from now on I think!

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