Monday, 31 December 2012

Room 326 - MadPea Hunt

The Silent Peacock Hotel
(For a better look at this picture please click to be taken to my Flickr account)

This time around the MadPea Legend of The Month Hunt revolves around The Silent Peacock Hotel, and more specifically, room 326. A number of guests that have stayed in this room have been reported missing and the hotel is now going to be closed so that the disappearances can be properly investigated... By you!

It is your job (should you choose to accept it) to take on a Sherlock Holmes typed roll and investigate the mysterious goings on surrounding room 326. Can you discover what happened to the missing guests? There are fifteen envelopes to be found at various locations around the grid which will provide clues to help you solve the case.

The Silent Peacock Hotel Front

To play the game you'll have to purchase the HUD from one of the red boxes just outside the hotel doors. Once you have it you'll need to make your way up to room number 326 and find an item you won't be able to start without.*

Like with previous MadPea hunts when you click one of the images on the HUD you'll receive a message in local chat that only you can see. Inside that chapter of the story there will be a clue to help you find the hidden envelope and an sURL to the location you need to visit.

I found a couple of the envelopes so far and as always am really enjoying hunting high and low. I'm look forward to finding them all and then I'll be able to share a few pictures of the prizes you can pick up at the end of it all. You have plenty of time to solve the puzzle yet as this hunt runs all the way up to the 31st of January.

If you need help getting started there are always people in the MadPea group willing to lend a hand. You can also check out the Facebook page or the MadPea Blog for more information and pictures of the goodies waiting to be claimed.

Until next time,

*This item activates the HUD you cannot begin the hunt without finding it first.

Cica @ Nitroglobus Gallery

NNG Cica 1

Last night my fabulous friends Dido and Nitro hosted a pre-new years eve party at their gallery. It was wonderful as always to see both new and familiar faces pop by to join in the fun. While dancing the night away we were surrounded by an absolutely spectacular art installation from the talented Cica Ghost.

As I said last night, walking into the gallery is like being transported into drawing. It reminded me a little bit of a scene from a movie I have fond memories of from my childhood, only without the bright colours. At one point in Mary Poppins Bert, Mary, Michael and Jane all jump into a chalk drawing done by a London street artist and 'live' inside the picture for a while, riding carousel horses in a race, meeting and dancing with penguins and a whole bunch of other fun stuff.

NGG Cica 2

During a visit to the Nitroglobus Gallery you'll find yourself  completely immersed in the art. Everywhere you look you'll see animated images of stick figures, animals, flowers and trees that all seem to have their own little story. There is a man playing music in the wind, a cat sitting by a tree, a little guy riding a push bike and so, so much more. I didn't know where to look first!

NGG Cica 3 - PNYP

If I were to recommend artists I've come across in Second Life so far Cica would be right up there in the top handful. I can't speak highly enough of the simplistic style that gives a sense of being so much more complex and 'deep' than it appears at first glance. I was completely captivated during my visit yesterday watching the dancing flowers which I think have to be my favourite bit.

If you find yourself at a loose end any time soon I really really recommend a visit to go and see Cica Ghost's "Pieces of Cica" installation at the Nitroglobus Gallery.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year,
Until next time,

Thursday, 27 December 2012

The Thingamabob


I just love the picture above. It came about far more by luck than judgement but then again so did the outfit/costume/whatever-it-is that I'm wearing too.

I was having a little wander around earlier today visiting stores I've not been to in a while. One place I went to was  ::[P I X E L S]:: where I found the V2 GhostKat Jacket* and what a fun little item it is! I played with the idea of going bright and colourful but ended plumping for an all black number; adding a pair of jeans from Spearsong and my trusted old +DV8+ Candy Kitty boots which are sadly no longer available.


I thought I'd better add an image closer to the snapshot I took in-world so you have a better idea of what the top actually looks like. It's made the 'old fashioned way' with clothing layers and prim attachments for the sleeves, hood, collar and the jacket bottom. It's available in a choice of several different colour which is always nice.

I'm not really sure what I am, but I think I look pretty funky!

Until next time,

* The creepy smile mask I'm wearing is included with the jacket

Monday, 24 December 2012

Wishin' You A Furry Merry Christmas!

So much to do and so little time to get it all done! I still felt the need to take a five minutes (or so) time out from all the preparations to pop up a post though, especially as it's something I've been very bad at doing this month.

I wonder if that makes me naughty and means Santa won't bring me any presents. Even if he doesn't there's not much more I could possibly want. I'm healthy, extremely happy and all loved up! I've also been spoiled by a host of very generous creators around the grid via advent calendars, group gifts, dollabies and other offers just like so many of you out there I'm sure.

Polar Bear Free avatar

Speaking of generous gifts I want to show you a couple starting with this super cute polar bear cub avatar that is being given away for free by Wynxworks until tomorrow. It's so well made, the textures are amazing and there is a useful HUD with facial expressions, sleep, sit and dance animations all plugged into it.

Free Foxes!

These fantastic colourful foxes are also available for a limited time over the holiday period from Avatar Planet. I really really like them. The texture on the skin has a fluffy furry look to it, the colours are bright and bold, the face is cute and again a HUD with numerous options comes with it so you can add a little bit of personal flare.

Wishing you all a very happy and safe Christmas.

Until next time,

*Special thanks goes to Virtual Vagabond where I first saw the Polar bear and to Cover my Furry Butt for spreading the news about the Foxes!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Peace on Earth - BoHo HoBo

BoHo HoBo PoE Hunt

This mesh cardigan and top combination can be yours for free if you can find the little Peace on Earth hunt item at BoHo HoBo.

I first saw the wonderfully colourful sweater version of this on my friend Dido's blog and had gone over to the main store ready to purchase one for myself when I noticed the Peace on Earth Hunt sign. I had a wander around, found what I was looking for and then squeaked happily as I saw the offered prize was the fab cardigan you can see above.

I think I will go back soon and grab me one of the jumpers as well. They look so warm and comfortable which is exactly what is needed now the cold of winter is setting in.

Until next time,

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

An Early Present...

New Boots <3 <3
From me!

I'm not sure it's the done thing to just blog about footwear, but these boots are more than deserving of a post all of their very own. I got crazy amounts of excited when I saw them over at J's and wasted no time at all in trying out the demo even though I knew I'd end up buying them anyway.

The fab thing about these boots is the way in which you can alter the size of them. Not only can you make the entire boot bigger or smaller you also have the option to change the length.and width separately. This meant I was able to get them to fit perfectly over the top of my skinny Blueberry jeans.

The detailing of the leather, sole and laces is absolutely exquisite  I'm completely blown away by the quality of them. Wow. Just Wow! They're worth every single linden dollar I paid and more in my opinion.

Already having similar boots from Gos I had little trouble choosing a colour which makes a change! I've always wanted a pair of "Oxblood red" boots like these and might even have to follow up my SL purchase with a 'first life' one in a very similar style. I love me some DMs!

Until next time,
An overly excitabubble

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Winter Woolies

NiNight Hoodie FQ

Goodness me! What a difference a skin and hair can make. It's hard to believe that my regular Kooky shape is hidden under there somewhere. She's barely recognisable! Especially without her kitty-bits.

Anyway! Today comes my first December post which will doubtlessly be followed by many that show off wintery themed goodies. I really love this time of year with the snow and frost making everything look so pretty.

NiNight Hoodie

The main focus of my post today is the newly released loose hooded sweaters from NiNight Creations. There are eight colours and two different versions to pick from - a winter themed hoodie with a snow flake design and a plain knitted version. 

The grey sweater in the first image is NiNight Creations offering for the newest round of Fashion Quotes and will be available there until the 24th of this month. All other colours can be found at the main store.

Happy shopping!

Until next time,
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