Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Two Little Bears

Once upon a time there were two little bears. A kooky-bear and her mesh Friendship Bear from Damien Fate.

Two Little Bears

No. Don't worry I'm not going to bore you with a story. Instead I'm going to share a few cute n cuddly  things with you that don't cost a great many lindens at all. I like to mix things up now and again which is exactly what I've done today as you can plainly see with how different Kooky looks!

The cute mesh bear hoodie I'm wearing is a free item available in the lucky chair at Ribbon. There is another rather more colourful version of this adorable jumper available as a hunt gift too. All you need to do is find the pink "Pimp my hunters" object in store and it's all yours.

Another lucky chair item I'm wearing is the black "loose jeans G" from Pumpkin. I was there checking out the new and seemingly very popular plaid open shirts they've recently released when my letter popped up on the board.

My hair and tongue are both gatcha items from Hinako and Alter Ego respectively. The "Darci" hair is L$30 per try and the "RawkOut" tongue costs just L$10 per go with 9 different designs to collect.

Last but definitely not least is the cute, cuddly bear which is an updated version of the friendship bear Damien made years ago. It says on his website that he originally created it to hand out to friends and as a thank you gift for people that had helped him during those daunting first days and weeks around the grid. Over time the little bear traveled vast distances being passed on from one person to the next and now we'll wait to see if this new version does the same thing.

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