Monday, 26 November 2012

Tomcat Kooky

Kal Rau Kook framed

After a few days away from blogging I thought I'd leap right back in and show you the outfit I've been wearing almost constantly since purchasing Kal Rau's Casual Blazer. Now, I know this mesh jacket and hoodie with colour change option has been made for boys but I really really liked it from the moment I saw it. 

I couldn't resist trying out a demo and found myself both surprised and very happy to see a 'tiny' size included. Having tried it on and decided that I could get away with wearing it I took the plunge and brought it. This item of clothing oozes style and quality. It has to be my favourite purchase for quite a while. 

I'm excited about it. Can you tell?

I paired it up with a my slightly grubby, low rise Bossy swag jeans from Razorblade Jacket and voila! One very happy, very comfortable Kooky Tomcat. 

On my feet which you obviously can't see I'm wearing a pair of very versatile chucks from NV that I brought some time ago now. They finish the look off a treat.

Until next time,


Dido Haas said...

You know what Kooky, I snatched Nitro his jacket/hoody and turned into a tomcat ^^
It's soo cool and I am sooo flat now, hahahah

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