Saturday, 3 November 2012

The ElderGoth - Day of the Dead Party.

The ElderGoth DotD Party - Ghoulish Hostess
(Ghoulish Hostess Ruina)

Last night I received a notice with information about a Day of the Dead Party that was being thrown by The ElderGoth. I couldn't resist one last opportunity to show off a couple of the Halloween themed avatars I've accumulated over the past few weeks. The only difficulty I had was trying to decide which one to wear!

The ElderGoth DotD Party - Best in Bones
( Boney me - Best in Bones Champ!)

The first contest of the night was "Best in Bones" which made the decision much easier. I'd picked up this awesome mesh skeleton avatar from Plausible Body which was a perfect match. The free avatar comes with modify permissions which means you are able to set the transparency to whatever you fancy, add glow and/or full bright, change the colour, basically fiddle with it to make it unique to you. I really appreciate it when creators do that.

The ElderGoth DotD Party Overview.
( I had to leap up into the tree. Ghost dog Zero was trying to eat me!)

There was a wonderful party atmosphere created by every one in attendance. The DJ's were spinning some great tunes; some of which I hadn't heard for ages and plenty of which I found myself singing along to. Thank goodness for voice being optional otherwise I think I'd have scared everyone away!

I'd also like to add a quick thank you to the people providing prizes for the winners of the Best in Bones, Ghouls and Ghoulies, Creatures of the Night, Ghosts and Phantoms and Sugar Skull High contests. It was a great addition to an already marvelous evening.

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