Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Say Cheese!

Elliecat In A Hat

I've been inspired to update my profile picture for the first time in a while. This inspiration came about when my good friend Ellie asked me if I would make a profile picture for her. I was honoured that she'd even ask because I'm not the best at these kinda things by a long shot though I do have fun trying.


We found a really interesting graffiti covered wall which is very much in keeping with both of our styles. Ellie struck a pose in front of it and I began snapping away. We tried out a couple of different poses and I sifted through goodness knows how many windlight settings to see which of them would help me create something that I hoped Ellie would like.

Kooky Picks Pic

I loved the wall Ellie posed in front of so much that I thought I'd use the same spot to make one for myself while trying to make them different at the same time, which I think I managed to achieve. I'm really happy with how all the pictures turned out, though I think I like the top picture of Ellie slightly more than the other one for some reason.

So this isn't just a post filled with rambles I'll let you know that you can find out what I am wearing in my previous post and though I'm not sure where Ellie's skirt is from I know for sure that her top is the Nylon Vest and shirts from +grasp+. How do I know this you ask...well because Ellie borrowed pinched it out of my wardrobe, the little minx!

Until next time,


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