Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Oh Crumbs! Please Don't Eat Me

Having churned out a fair few posts over the last few days I was going to take a break from snapping pictures and writing some text to go with them for my blog today. However, that went completely out the window after I stumbled over a fun item that made me squee with joy.

As happens with most things of this nature I knew right away it was something I HAD to have and share with you, dear readers.

Gingerbread avatar flower+ candy bag accessories
(Flower & Candy bag accessories in green tea. Each sold separately.)

So here it is. The quirky, giggletastic, customisable mesh Gingerman Avatar and AO from  *G-D* (Guaran-Dou) !

I got the "Surprise" version in the pumpkin shade and I LOVE it!

The wonderful thing about this avatar is that there are countless numbers of possible combinations and options so I doubt two people will ever be wearing the same thing at the same time unless they planned it that way. You can be (just about) completely unique and stand out from the crowd which makes me a very happy girl.

Gingerbread Avatar wings accessory
(Butterfly wings - plain)

The Gingerman avatar is available in four different variations - including one shaped like a bear - and a selection of colours - including a burnt version. It's all very much luck of the draw as to which you get because all the delicious cookies are hidden away inside a gatcha machine.

Gingerbread Avatar xmas accessories
(Santa Hat & Christmas Tree accessories - each sold separately)

Either side of the avatar gatcha there are two more gatcha machines filled with accessories for your scrumptious self. There are hats and halos, candy canes and lollipops, butterfly wings, Christmas trees and a whole bunch of other stuff too.

The Avatar machine costs L$60 per play and both accessory filled machines cost L$10 a spin.

Have fun!

Until next time,


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