Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Memories, Dreams, Reflections.

A new art exhibit has just recently opened at UnitArt - MagnetiZe with featured artists Gitu Aura and Talullah Winterwolf. Please believe me when I say it is well worth a visit. A lot of the art on display has been created to capture a moment, dream or emotion on canvas leading each piece to have a great deal of personal meaning to its creator.

Talullah @ Magnetize
(Talullah Winterwolf)

In a notecard available at the exhibit Talullah tells us:

"In this collection, the majority of works explore dreams,childhood memories and feelings, but each one contains an emotion  I was feeling strongly at the time.

I have tried to capture that feeling in the images., and in doing so have realised that the very effect of layering the images and textures  is suggestive of  the way our memories are layered on top of each other and each whole is the sum of many parts."

Gitu - Reflections
(Gitu Aura)

On her "Reflection of Thoughts" works Gitu says:

"  .... i was siting near window...watching outside....the rain drops were falling down calm...and gentle....
  my mind was far away...i saw your face on the glass...your sad eyes...your deep eyes...they were calling me:
  "come with me..." 
 ....i have closed my eyes...but i still saw the same vision - you..."

Opening party

I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening party of this wonderful exhibit by none other than Gitu herself. I've admired her artistic style for some time now and enjoy talking with her about an vast array of things including her beautiful works of art.

I do hope that this post will inspire a few people to go over and take a look at the wonderful works by these two ladies as and when time allows.

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