Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Enchanted Frost Hunt Prizes & Hints

(Image borrowed from the MadPea Blog)

Over the weekend I spent some time doing the MadPea Enchanted Frost Hunt and like with the last one it was an absolute blast. I really enjoy the whole idea of following a story with hidden clues in each 'chapter' given to you by the HUD* as you travel from one place to the next. I find it so much more engaging than the usual way hunts are handled

This time around the hunt object is a small, red, glowing memory orb and I'd advise double strength specs and a magnifying glass to help you hunt it out. It can be extremely tricky to see, but they are all there, honest!

For the ones I found tricky to spot I am going to share extra clues with you. If you need any further help there are always MadPeas available in group chat you can ask.

Nordmoar Sim - Allergy to pine? Perhaps you should look elsewhere and consider getting to the ROOT of the problem.

Thentis Sim - Look to the Gods and you'll find the orb.

Sunfield Sim - Burton has a habit of thinking OUTSIDE the box. Maybe you should too.

Now to a few of the prizes!

Here I'm showing the gorgeous "Sweet Memory garden set and sky platform" from Forest feast. It provides a splendid backdrop for the "Frozen Mistletoe Arch" from Trident and "Enid's white crystalline harp" from Roawenwood as well.

There are plenty of other fabulous prizes too. Some of which are shown on the MadPea blog (link above)

Until next time,

*The HUD required to play through the hunt costs L$10 to buy.


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