Thursday, 29 November 2012

But Rules Are Made To Be Broken

Cmon. Rules are made to be broken

It is one thing to land yourself in a bit of bother when you can't follow the rules clearly set out before you but quite another when you're trying to take someone, or something, else down with you. Just look at that cheeky little face trying to convince the innocent Panda that a hug is a good idea. I know that Kooky kitty cuddles are priceless and everyone (okay slight exaggeration there) wants one, but hiding bamboo to entice the Panda closer is bad form. What a naughty little thing I am she is!

Since I picked up the box of free avatars from AnthroXtacy last week I'd been toying with the idea of getting one of the cat avatars. It is something that I'd been considering doing for some time but I'd never really been so excited by any of the ones available that I had to have it.

That said, with the changes to AnthroXtacy and the reduction in price I though it was as good a time as any to pick one up and see what I thought of it. To this point I've enjoyed wandering the grid in my BG Feline avatar or the DSD Ocelot. Now I can add my AnthroXtacy kitty to that list! Yay!

Kitty Faces

I've had a great deal of fun playing with the HUD. There are so many things you can change and features you can have off or on it's unreal.

Eyes -
Endless colour options - All or inner and outer iris separately
Pupil size
Eyes open to various degrees or fully closed.

Open or closed with a variety of options between
Tongue in our out
"Normal" "Hiss" or "Smile" modes
Articulated jaw when talking  on or off

Scotch Fold or Fluffy ears with  three different positions.
Twitch on or off.
Tail - sculpted, fluffy or sleek versions.
Still, constant and steady wag options.

And probably a couple of other things I've forgotten to mention here.

Whew! You get A LOT here for your L$300


Finding hair that fits the head shape is a bit of a task to say the least. I found that a hat with hair tended looked better in the end. Thanks to a Fifty Linden Friday offering I learned about "Darcy" from LaViere and managed to snap up an almost perfect colour match version in a Black Friday sale. Other than that all I'm wearing is a pair of Apricot Paws jeans and a top from Insanya.

I think I've kept you here for more than long enough now so I'm going to stop here.

Until next time,
A very happy KookyCat!


Anonymous said...

Mesh hairs, especially rigged mesh hairs, will not work on the AX kitty.

But none mesh hairs, if they are modify, can be easily resized and tweaked to fit it.

Kooky Jules said...

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, softpaw.

I must admit.. I didn't really hunt that hard for hair though I gave up on mesh very quickly. I found Dura hair seemed to fit and suit the head shape well with some re-sizing. They have some great styles there too. :)

Softpaw Sommer said...

I'll have to go check them out!

I'm fond of Calico's creations myself. Fun styles, many just need to be made lager to work and she's not converting over to nothing but mesh like so many other hair makers are doing.

Kooky Jules said...

Thank you for letting me know about Calico's. I'll have to go and have a gander - see if I can find a couple of different styles I like so I can change things up a little. I'm so excited about dressing up my kitty.

Wouldn't happen to know where you can get nicely made digigrade pants other than Apricot Paws would you?

Anonymous said...

My cat wears hair from Black Maria, a mohawk, no adjustment needed! And also is a freebie from the second floor! Meow!

Anonymous said...

In fact, here's what she looks like with said pink punk hair :)

Kooky Jules said...

Hey Woulfcat. Thank you for the comment and information about Black Maria hair. I discovered their hair and wore one of their styles on some of the free AX avatars I showed in another post.

Your avatar looks super cool with its bright pink hair. Lovin' it! Thank you again... This time for sharing the link to the post :)

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