Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Agent KJ - Man in Black

MiB - Agent KJ

Today I've broken Kooky boy back out of the box and we've got a bit of a "Men in Black" Thing going on. I know it's probably just me but the idea of it made me giggle away to myself particularly as I remembered the names of the agents in the movie are "J" and "K" - matching my initials. So today I dub myself Agent KJ!

Man In Black

I've quite impressed myself this time around. Agent KJ isn't a bad looking chap even if I do say so myself. It's taken a whole mish mash of things old and new to create him. At the bottom of it all is the *Ultra shape* I found on the MHOH7 hunt some time ago now. On top of that, after much deliberation, I decided that this months male group gift skin "Vincent" from Filthy was the best fit for my chosen shape.


So that KJ wasn't completely bald I purchased the "Shorty" head tattoo from 99Hair which I really like. The suit is a free item found at AsHmOot for the "Shaken but not Stirred" hunt. The free 2nd Anniversary group gift hat from Ronsem really adds another dimension to the look and helps to further hide the mysterious eyes that are already hidden behind a pair of Gudshu sunglasses. Finally right at the bottom are some shoes I purchased ages ago and have never worn until now. They are the Ashford Brogues from *Fir & Mina*.

That's about it for now, I think.

Until next time,


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