Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Witchy Poo

The creator of all things Death Row Designs, Jaimy Hancroft, has been having a splurge on making complete avatars over the past few weeks. Each one of them completely unique and carefully crafted. There are vampires and pumpkin headed people, witches and clowns, handsome chaps and lovely ladies - something for everyone.

DrD Witchy Poo 
Today I'm wearing the DRDDOLL WICKED which is absolutely cracking. There are some mesh components so like with a lot of things these days you'll need a mesh enabled viewer to be able to see it properly. As well as getting everything I'm wearing in the image above you also get another couple of brooms with different animations in them.

As with all DrD products each and every part has been made by Jaimy's skilled hands.

There is some fabulous news in regard to these avatars that I'd like to share with you too. In my opinion they are very reasonably priced in the first place at just L$300 each but on top of that there are discounts available for VIP group members. There is also a deal on the clown avatars for subscribo group members where the price has been slashed down to just L$100 each and that's not all!

There are two avatars - one for the guys and one for the gals - up for slaps grabs in the Midnight Mania boards. While you're waiting to see if they get locked down why not take part in the sim wide hunt that is currently taking place? There are seven gifts in the hunt from DrD. Four of them are complete avatars which is incredibly generous.

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