Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Movie Night

With darker nights and the cooler weather setting in I always think this is a great time of year to shut the rest of the world outside where it belongs and settle down with a movie or two. Of course to go with the warmth, comfortable clothing and movies one should always have something delicious to drink and far too many unhealthy snacks to munch on. The extra calories lead to extra layers of insulation ready for the cold weather- or so I try to convince myself anyway.

In previous Halloween themed posts I've shown Freddy, Chucky and his Bride, zombies, pumpkins and a witch oh my! Today I'm going to end this series of seasonal posts with another fantastic complete avatar from Death Row Designs. This time we have...


Beetlejuice - DrD Avatar


Beetlejuice house

As always the quality of this item is outstanding. It is one of quite a large collection of DrD dolls Jaimy has been pumping off the production line recently. There is such variety in the items available at the store and all at a reasonable prices.

I'm not sure how long it will be there, but at the time of posting there is a free mesh 'skin' corset available for anyone that wants it along with the usual lucky chairs and midnight mania boards that are waiting to be slapped.

Here's hoping you all have a happy, safe and spooktacular all hallows' eve!

Until next time,


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