Thursday, 11 October 2012

Free Pumpkin Head Avatars @ DrD

From the first to the last day of October there is a sim wide hunt running at the home of Death Row Designs. There are 24 prizes in total with all stores around the sim participating.

Seven of the prizes come from DrD and include exclusive mesh items, boots and four complete avatars - one of which I've yet to find. I'll be going back soon, sledge hammer in hand, to smash some more pumpkins and hopefully discover more goodies among the decoys.

Pumpkin Paige - Free Avatar DrD Sim wide Hunt

I was surprised to find two prizes squished inside one of the pumpkins and got all excited when I realised they were the pumpkin head avatars - Pumpkin Paige and Pumpkin Guy.  They're awesome fun!

What I like most about these avatars is that they come ready to be worn with our without the pumpkin attachment. Maybe if you're at a party for Halloween you might turn up as your usual human self and after the clock strikes midnight all of a sudden you've got a pumpkin for a head.

Pumpkin Guy - Free Avatar DrD Sim Wide Hunt

Or perhaps there is an axe wielding maniac on the loose who just happens to lop your head off with one swipe of his rusty old weapon. You're gonna need a replacement! As there are plenty of pumpkins around at this time of year and they're sort of head shaped why not use one? No one wants to miss a good party and the lack of a noggin just isn't a good enough excuse - especially at this time of year. I think I'd pick up a pumpkin and shove it onto the top of my body. At least then I could still enjoy the party, drink copious amounts of witches brew and forget about my real head until morning.

I might even manage dodge a hangover!
Anyhoo! Enough of my silliness.

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