Friday, 5 October 2012

Emo Twist

The organised chaos that is my inventory reached a point where even I couldn't find things in the hodge-podge of folders inside folders so I decided it was about time to have a clear out. It's an incredibly time consuming and tedious task as I am sure you are aware, but every now and again it's necessary as I seem to be unable to file things away neatly when I pick them up.

I spent a while trying things on, chucking things away, putting things in places where I'll be able to find them again and discovering things I had long forgotten I even had. One such thing was a shape I created years ago to use on an avatar long before Kooky had even been thought about. I put it on, curious as to whether I could find a skin that would suit it. I came across "Thyia  vampire  gothic skin" from Death row Designs which seemed like a great match for something a little more dark in nature. With Halloween soon to be upon us I decided to build a more complete look around it.

Drd, ID, BareRose, RU, Emotions mix.

The majority of things I used to create this new look, emo twist, me were already tucked away in my nice neat inventory. I used a pair of Insufferable dastard "monster" eyes that I'd picked up at a previous round of the grunge soul project. The "kare" shirt from Bare Rose that comes with a variety of tie colour options and levels of transparency. I added an old choker from [RU], "Bolted" piercings from HoD and then had to go hunting for some hair.

I'd read about a few sales going on at hair stores so decided to take a peek. I ended up at EMO-tions where there was a L$100 sale on black hair styles - perfect for this little project of mine. After mooching around for a while and trying on demos I came across "Kathrin" which tops off this look nicely.

I'm quite pleased with the overall style though the red rings around my eyes are a little disturbing!

Have a wonderful weekend.
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