Friday, 12 October 2012

[BG] Zombie Kitty (Mod)

Ohmah Gosh! 

Zombie kitty played with

Today when I logged in and saw the group notice from .:Static:. I knew I'd be out and shopping today. There is a brand new, in time for Halloween, zombie mod out for the Blue Galaxian Feline avatar. The only trouble I had was deciding which shade to pick!

{BG] Zombie Kitty 2

In the end it was a toss up between the pale and ashen versions for me. As you can probably tell I went with ashen after the flip of a coin.

This mod is absolutely AMAZING and comes with a fair few extras too. There is a PG version and an R version in the package - the R being a little more gory than the PG one is. In the pictures I am wearing the R version complete with dangling rigged mesh guts, stump arm and witches claw.

{BG] Zombie Kitty a

Inside the box you get all the usual body part textures, a different texture for the teeth which is something I've not seen before, two different sets of eyes, arm stumps and witch fingers for both arms/hands, textures for the clothing that comes with the avatar (knickers and a tank for girls, shorts for boys) and the gory intestine add on.

{BG] Zombie Kitty b

I love the way the texture on the hair has been made to look like part of the brain has burst out the back of the skull. This really is the kind of thing that gets my Kooky bouncer bouncing and I've already heard several "oh my goodness" " Wow..look at that" and "Oh dear" from people I've seen while wandering about today. 

I'm going to have a blast wearing this over the next couple of weeks and after that too no doubt. Nama Gearz has done it again - producing another stunning mod for this already glorious (and today gory-ous) avatar.

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