Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A Moment in Time


Featuring this month at the Nitroglobus Gallery with his exhibit "A Moment in Time" is none other than Mister Nitro Fireguard himself. He both owns the Angel labs sim and co-owns the gallery with his partner in crime, Dido Haas.

A Moment in Time is a visually stunning collection of sculptures that have been created from Nitro's real life art and in some cases the sculptures have been transported from real life pieces into mesh so that they can be displayed for all the residents of Second Life to enjoy as well.

Hey Mr DJ

As always I had a great time at the opening party which was held during this week. It was wonderful to see some familiar faces and new ones too. Not only were we celebrating the opening of Nitro's exhibit but the anniversary of Dido and Nitro's meeting a year ago. Many congratulations from me to them. I do hope it'll be the first of many more to come. They're just so cute together!

Hanging on the walls of the gallery along side Nitro's stunning sculptures are the works of no less than four other artists. There are creative master pieces from Dido Haas, Ini Inaka, Gitu Aura and PetsiKat Markova for you to feast your eyes on.

I do hope you'll pop along and take a peek if you have some time free on your hands. It really is a fantastic exhibit and so rarely have I seen one at a quaint gallery like this with so much talent and creativity bursting out of it

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Dido Haas said...

Wow, thanks soooo much dear Kooky for this blog post. I love it and your descriptions are so much better than mine; you being a native English speaker. Sighs deep: I will never ever be able to use the language as you do.
Moreover, I really like the overview pics you made. Super!
hele dikke kus

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