Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Filthy August

Filthy August GGG

Here's something I meant to show you at the beginning of the month, but it's better late than never, eh? Especially as there is still plenty of time to go and grab this lovely group gift skin from Filthy before the month is out. 

The group costs L$199 to join, but for that small fee there are two skins with shapes available for group members every month - one for the boys and one for the girls.

The outfit I'm wearing from ::Breath:: was another absolute bargain. I paid just 10 lindens each for the top, which is mesh, and 10 Lindens for the jeans. I picked them up at the in-world store where all the clothing items seemed to be L$10. I don't know if it was a sale or if it is an on going thing as I've not been back since.

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