Thursday, 2 August 2012

*Epic* Panda Punx D!va. That's me!

Panda Punx Reena Framed

Today I've gone a little group gift crazy in this post. There are items from Panda Punx, D!va and *Epic* that don't cost a single linden dollar, well, so long as you discount the joining fee for the *Epic* group.

I should also point out that the Panda Punx group isn't going to be free to join much longer. With the emergence of more and more PITA group spammers the Panda Punx owner has decided to tag on a token joining fee to make this group a little less appealing to them. From the 6th of August it will cost L$50 to join the Panda Punx Group.

Panda Punx 2000 GG framed

Those that join Panda Punx will be met with six wonderful group gifts available to grab while their group tag is active. I'm showing two of them here. The group gift for July - Reena - in the top image and the 2000 group members gift skin and shape in the second one.

Both images feature D!va's more than 15000 members group gift hair which again is one of many available at the main store. Also shown is the top of Epic's July group offering - a set of no less than six mesh retro beach wear sets. Each set consists of a mesh tube top with ties, bikini bottoms and a mesh hip wrap. You can pick up all or a selection of the available gifts depending on what takes your fancy. It comes in purple, pink, blue, moon, green and choco tones.

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Dido Haas said...

Wow Kooooky you look SMASHING! I have to get that hair.
thx for showing! Love your blog
dikke kus

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