Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Busy Busy ... Bear?

With summer (sort of) finally arriving and a mix of other things that have been going on I've not really had the time to blog as you can see by the lack of posts for this month. I'm hoping to get somewhat back on track so I can share the fun, wacky and lovely things I have stored in my inventory just waiting to be shouted about.

Little Ted mesh av

I thought I'd kick off with something cuuuute! I was having a little random browse through the marketplace and came across this adorable mesh "Nerd Bear" avatar from Super Kingdom. The bear comes in a variety of sizes from small to HUGE and a loaded with options HUD*.

Little Ted hearty

With the included HUD you can switch between 11 different bear colours, tint the back pack and choose whether to wear the glasses and back pack or not as takes your fancy. There are a lot of nice little features packed into this product for the L$99 it costs and well worth the money it is too in my opinion.

I'll be back with more very soon
Until then,

* The box also contains a full body alpha layer, shape, and all the other required bits n bobs - like instructions!


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