Friday, 6 July 2012

PetsiKat @ Nitroglobus Gallery

Dido & Nitro
(Dido Haas & Nitro Fireguard)

This month the artwork of PetsiKat Markova is on display at the Nitroglobus Gallery owned and managed by my two very dear friends Dido Haas and Nitro Fireguard.

This is the first time PetsiKat's wonderful work has been exhibited in this fashion and I'm quite sure that it isn't going to be the last. I really love the way PetsiKat has captured different moods in the images though the use of colours and fine attention to detail.

PetsiKat Opening Party

As always I had great time at the party with friends old and new. It is really heart warming to see more and more people coming to support this new gallery, Dido's art and that of the featured artist. I really do hope it is a trend that continues because I know how hard Dido and Nitro work to make these occasions go without a hitch.

Thank you Dido and Nitro for providing the setting and warm welcoming atmosphere, and thank you to PetsiKat for sharing your beautiful pictures with us all.

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