Sunday, 1 July 2012

My Ideal Lazy Sunday & More MHOH 7

Day Dreamin'

On a grey day like today it's always nice to dream about an ideal lazy Sunday. For me this image pretty much captures what I wish I were doing right now. I'd love to be stood on a dock looking out over the water as cooling breeze kisses my warm skin. There are only a couple of things missing to make this situation perfect. One is my girlfriend and the other is a couple case of cold ciders. Mmmmm cider!

I'm a fan of the skimpy outfit I'm wearing today. If were more toned and had a stomach to die for like my avatar does it's definitely the sort of thing I'd wear in RL. The simple racer back styled sports bra is avaliable from *BOOM* both in-world and on the marketplace.

I've pair that up with these super cute mesh shorts which are a recent release from [Cynful]. They come in a wide variety of colours and with plenty of size options so there should be a pair that fit, or are very close to fitting, your shape.

Finally right at the bottom on my feet are a pair of boots available in the Make Him Over Hunt. I've shown several other items from the hunt in previous blog posts and you can find more information about it in them if you so desire.

The boots are pretty neat and come scripted with several options. You can change the colour of the boot straps, change the colour of the socks, or chose not to wear any socks with them if you prefer. They can be found at the Muism main store.

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