Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Mischief Managed - Harry Potter Themed RP Sim

Mischief Managed 1 - Express

So much to do and see, so little time!

Today I finally managed to satisfy my curiosity about the new Harry Potter themed roleplay sim and wow I am glad I got to go have a nosey about before the preview ends on the 13th of this month. The entire build has been created using mesh and is nothing short of breathtaking in my opinion. Details. Details. Little details, they're everywhere!

I began my journey at Platform 9¾.

Mischief Managed 2 - Staircase

During the public preview week anyone is welcome to go and have a look around the sim. Once the week is over and the ball gets rolling though the vast majority of the build is going to be restricted to group only access.

The build isn't complete yet but you can certainly get a feel for how deeply immersive the environment is going to be. I also really like the way they're going to use the incomplete build as a way to get people back into the swing of roleplaying their characters again.

(taken from a notecard)
"July 13th: (We open the sim to Roleplay for current students of Hogwarts)
Midway through the summer holiday, letters have been sent out to the current enrolled students of Hogwarts to aid in the restoration of the school. The Hogwarts Express has been called upon to run over time so all throughout this second half of the semester, students may come to and fro to the school to help rebuild it. There will be no classes held but breakfast, lunch and dinner happens as the school is fully staffed with fresh house elves once again. "

On the first of August the first term begins!

Mischief Managed 4 - Building

This is a truly wonderful place to visit and I think I'll do so again before the 13th as my visit was cut short. I can't wait to see more of it.

I highly recommend a look around if you have a little while spare. If you do go over there I also recommend picking up the bag of luggage at the landing point which gives you some informational notecards, landmarks, and your very own suitcase too.

What is that vanishing spell again? I can't remember so I'll just say;

Until next time,


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