Monday, 23 July 2012

Kooky's Pet Kitty

Kooky's Kitty closer

Ain't he just the cutest thang?

My new kitty from + Studio Sidhe + provided the proverbial yarn to really pull this look together. I'd been wanting to show you a few items that I've recently purchased but I'd been lacking the right 'something' that would help give it some much needed synergy.

The "Lion - Leo Tribute" pictured here with me is just one of many items available at a new shopping event in world called Zodiac where all the items are related to signs of the zodiac. This round is all things Leo.

Kitty Cuddles

The other items I've been wanting to show you are this fabulous messy "Tomoko2" hair from D!va that is currently available at the Collabor88 event. I don't think there is long to go before the collection changes so if you're interested in this or any of the other items you'd be wise to get your skates on and hop over there as soon as you possibly can.

Finally is this simple but wonderful set of silks from May's Soul called "Raven". They have been created especially for this round of the Gorean Room. I'm not usually one for outfits like this, but there are always exceptions to the rule and this is definitely one of those

You really do get a lot for your lindens with this outfit. For just L$50 you get the cross-heart top, slightly tattered and dirty looking silk bottoms and several different accessories. There is a Raven 'shoulder pet'*, a bracelet, two arm cuffs a thigh band and a back pack. Inside the open backpack, which I'd describe as more of a sling, nestles a jar of fireflies and a Raven holding a twig.

The outfit is of a very high quality and comes with resize scripts for easy fitting which is always a bonus. Over all I am happy with how this item manifested itself. I think it is far better than I actually imagined it would be which is always nice. 

Anyway! enough rambling from me for now.
Until next time,

* Just for your information the Raven I described as a shoulder pet is not scripted. It does nothing but sit there and look pretty.


lettersfromlaunna said...

I love the pictures of the lion, my birthday is today, I am a Leo, so I have always adored lions ;)

Kooky Jules said...

Thank you so much, Launna. I was very happy with how these images turned out.

I am just the other side of the cusp, a cancerian, having my birthday just three days before you :)

Happy Birthday!


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