Monday, 9 July 2012

Doppelganger Inc. & Lolo Sim Sales


While on my Fifty Linden Friday wander I found out that Doppelganger Inc.are having a sale. Absolutely everything in the store has been reduced down to just L$50 (not the fat packs). I'd actually had my eye on this sweater for a while and couldn't resist snapping it up for this super low price.

The Forester sweater comes with several plaid shirt colour options. You can pick between red, green and blue. I decided to combine it with a nicely textured pair of -BC- jeans and my trusty worn engineering boots from Deco.

As well as Doppelganger a lot of the other stores on the Lolo sim are having "Sweet" summer sales. The sales are going to last for a week, from the 8th to the 16th of July so if you want to make the very most of it I'd hot foot it over to Lolo sooner rather than later.

What better way to begin a new season than with a shopping spree. I know that summer has been here a while, but it really doesn't feel like it here in the UK. Rain, rain, rain.. ugh!

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