Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Cover My Furry Butt Hunt 2 - I'm a Plushie!

There has been a little confusion surrounding the Cover My Furry Butt Hunt and as far as I'm aware no more official news from the hunt organisers has been released. It was supposed to start on the 1st of July but due to unforeseen RL circumstances and then a problem with a Second Life account the start date was delayed by a week.

I thought I'd chance my arm and start hunting for the prizes, the majority of which are out in the stores ready for you to get your paws on, and wow there are some good 'uns.

If I'd have been smart I would have made a list of the stores I couldn't locate the paw hunt objects in to share with you, but I wasn't and I didn't..Oh well. Sorry about that.

Plushie me!

Being the silly thing I am I'd always wondered if it were possible to become a plushie toy in SL so when I came across this Plushie Mod Kit for the Tokushi Tiny Skunk I got all excited! The mod kit is the hunt gift at Whimsical Wonders where there is also a mini hunt going on. If you can find the mushrooms you'll get leg warmers, a 'shroom' avatar and a couple of other great prizes - there are 4 of them to collect ontop of the CMFB hunt prize.

Before I go on I want to make it very clear that this prize is a kit to modify an avatar. You do not get the avatar as part of the prize. If you want to make use of this gift you will have to purchase/have purchased one of the Tokushi skunk avatars, apply the textures and use the provided body parts (tail, leg label and zipper) to turn yourself into the plushie version.

I really love this avatar it's just the cutest thing whether I'm wearing the original skin ( I chose the inverse skunk) or the modified version. It is a mesh avatar so you'll need to have a mesh enabled viewer to see it correctly. It works wonderfully with my AO and the poses I tried with it. There are no funny spaghetti bending body bits or odd twists. It has been rigged to perfection. I'm very happy with my newest purchase and think I'll be wearing it lots.

I wonder how many people I can get to hug me...teehee!

Until next time,


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