Friday, 20 July 2012

Concrete Cakes & Rainbow [BG] Kitty

Today is a day that simply can't pass by without there being cake involved. I'm a year older, and supposedly a year wiser, though the latter is somewhat questionable.

This occasion has led to a perfect reason for me to show you this yummy cake prop with built in animations from Concrete Flowers. Due to a lack of time the owners - who also own the store KOSH - are closing Concrete Flowers temporarily at the end of this month and until then almost everything in the store (in-world) has been reduced down to just L$25.

If you take a wander to the very back of the store you'll find there are also four small but functional sky boxes set out for just L$1 each. I really like this shop. It's full of quirky items like mouth noms, holdable pickle jars, rugs, sandpits and clothing. I think there is something that'll tickle most tastes and even if it doesn't there is always the grumpy old tree outside that you can talk to.

While I am crawling all over the cake getting covered in frosting I thought I'd also show you another mod I've purchased for the Blue Galaxy Blue Galaxian Feline avatar. This one is by Kimmi Rexxi and I just loooove all the bright colours.

The mods are surprisingly easy to apply to the base avatar and clothing. You just rez all the different body parts on the ground and 'drag' the texture from your inventory on top of the relevant part. When it comes to the head it's ever so slightly more tricky. With the head you have to make sure the 'edit linked parts' box is checked then click on the part you want to alter the texture of be it the skull, ears or muzzle.

Also be aware that over the muzzle there is a transparent texture with the cheek blush on it. You'll have to move this up of the way before you can click the muzzle itself to apply the texture the same way as all the others. Once you're done if you re-click on the transparent layer, press the Ctrl + Z key on your keyboard the prim will return to its last position leaving it right back where it should be.

When you're done, pick up all your body bits and wear them. Ta-da. Easy as pie.

As I don't have pie I am going to continue enjoying my cake.

Have a great day and lovely weekend!
Until next time,


Dido Haas said...

Awwww CONGRATS KOOKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kooky Jules said...

Thank you Dido!

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