Saturday, 28 July 2012

Black Stuff Sale @ Madworld - [NV] & SU

Kooky - Goodbye Kitty

Hurry, hurry hurry!

For the next 48 hours the stores at Madworld - [NV] and Suicide Unborn (SU) - are having a sale. All black items (that I could see anyway) have been reduced down from their regular prices to just L$ 50. This includes all mesh items and new releases from the look of things so if you've had your eye on something or fancy a shopping spree now is the perfect time to go for it!

NV & SU L$50 Sale

I purchased a few items and have chosen to show you one from each store here. I'm wearing SU's "Goodbye Kitty" cropped T-shirt which comes on regular clothing layers with additional prim cuffs for the sleeves. 

On my bottom half I'm wearing something I'd been pondering getting for a while - the [NV] Soley denim shorts which are a mesh item. There are a good selection of sizes and a couple of alpha layers. The bum on these seem a little generous and I had to expand my booty to fit even with the smallest size, but I like 'em all the same.

The colourful blocks prop from BENT you can see behind me comes with ten built in poses. You can both reposition and rotate each pose via the menu which is pretty neat. This is just one of the many great items available during this round of a new shopping event called The Retreat where everything is L$50 or less.

There are so many shopping events and sales going on right now it's difficult to know where to look first! My first port of call is usually the Seraphim Blog where the vast majority of things every shopper should know about are covered. It's a very handy resource and comes highly recommended by yours truly.

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