Wednesday, 18 July 2012

[BG] Blue Galaxian Feline Avatar

Blue Galaxian Cheshire [Kooky] Kitty - RaWr!

I've been like a child with a new toy since I purchased the Blue Galaxian Feline avatar from Blue Galaxy. Actually, I think I've been more like a child that has been taken to a toy store, given a trolley and been told to fill it up with whatever they want. 

Crazy bouncy and all bubbly excited don't really come close to the nature of lil ole me just recently. I'd also bet that I've talked way too much about how cool this avatar is, how much I adore it and how there are lots of mods I want to get for it. I have no idea how my friends (and my girlfriend in particular) have put up with my...ummm....enthusiasm but thank you all for embracing me and my increasing levels of excitement and silliness.

In my opinion this avatar is mind-blowingly awesome. It has been created primarily using mesh, though the head part is a sculpt. The head is scripted so that life can be breathed into it via facial expressions. You can poke out your tongue, smile, bare your teeth, just have your mouth open and a bunch of others as well.

Blue Galaxian Cheshire [Kooky] Kitty - Smile!

The 'skin' I'm wearing is one of the many mods you can purchase for the BG Feline avatar. It is one variant of the 'cyber kitty' mod from Static which is also where I got the matching cyber eyes. The eyes come scripted to colour change so they'll go with any number of outfits and match up nicely with the other colour options this mod is available in.

I am really loving the pink and purple Cheshire Cat thing I have going on. For a long, long while now I have wanted to create a look based around the famous, big grinned Alice in Wonderland kitty. I had considered taking the plunge and purchasing a special edition Cheshire Cat version of the DERP domestic cat, but, if I'm honest it didn't really make the excitabubbles fizz anything like this avatar does.

Did I mention how much I love this avatar? How I think it is one of my favourite purchases to date? How I think I was daft for not getting it earlier?

This avatar is mesh used to its full potential, I think. The way it moves with my AO is flawless, the textures are extremely high quality, crisp and clear. To top it all off there are free PSD's available to help make the creation skin and clothing mods easy (if you know what you're doing).

This avatar is simply  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ! I really can't sing its praises highly enough.

I think you'll be seeing plenty more posts from me in the future featuring this gorgeous avatar and some of the mods you can get for it.

But for now,
and until next time,



Dido Haas said...

Amazing indeed Kooky Feline cat!
dikke kus

Kooky Jules said...

Aww thanks Dido.
I love it sooo much!

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