Thursday, 21 June 2012

Take an Ogle at my Moogle

Hurdy - Moogle

Yesterday I wrote a post that features another one of these adorable Moogle avatars from DB Studios. In case you've never heard of them like I hadn't before stumbling across this store they are a race of extremely cute winged mammals found in the Final Fantasy games.

This one is Hurdy, twin brother of Gurdy, and another of the six Moogle siblings from Ivalice. Hurdy's first appearance in Final Fantasy was as a Bard as part of a mission. Another section of the wiki says he runs one of five Moogling services which teleport people from one place to another so I'm guessing even game characters have to have two jobs to make ends meet these days. That or he got bored and moved on from one thing to another.

These avatars are really nicely made, highly detailed and are dead ringers for the characters they are representing. Another huge bonus is that they're extremely reasonably priced at just L$150 each.

There plenty of other complete avatars available from DB Studios including several freebies and a couple of other Moogle avatars that start at just L$10.

Now I just have to decide which one of these cute creatures to run around as. Decisions, decisions...

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