Saturday, 2 June 2012

Me & My Shadow

As I was creating this post I realised that the one previous to it was my 100th! It seems a long time since I wrote my first and I guess it has been really. I wonder how many I'd have reached by now if I hadn't stopped blogging for a while.

Me & My Shadow

As you can probably tell by both the title of this post and the pictures I've been playing around with shadows in SL. This is is something I've not been able to do before for some reason that I can't fathom. I had been edging closer and closer to my wits end as I found myself crashing more and more no matter what graphics setting or viewer I used.

It seemed to happen more frequently in places with lots of textures and/or avatars which meant that a lot of the time it was happening I'd be having a real blast with friends and disappear mid conversation which drove me up the wall. I'd also never been able to enable all the fandangled 'posh bits' like shadows without the viewer instantly crashing on me.


Just recently I switched to using a lower spec computer than I had been using before and all of a sudden I'm not crashing, I can have shadows on and everything runs as smooth as silk. I have absolutely no idea why that is the case but I don't really care!

It's really nice to be able to see SL in all of its glory and I've been enjoying playing around with shadows and different windlight settings to see what kinds of atmospheres I can create. I just love the way my stomach looks in the shot on the right in the lower picture. Yum!

So this isn't a post filled with rambles and not much else I'll tell you what I'm wearing;

My top is from coldLogic and was a hunt gift. There are very similar shirts available to purchase in the store. 
I absolutely love these mesh jeans from [JP]:dsg. I spent such a long time hunting down the 'perfect' mesh jeans for me. I tried many that were too skinny legged, or too low crotched and baggy for my liking but these ones are juuuust right!
Finally on my feet are a pair of completely customisable chucks available from [NV]

Until next time,


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