Friday, 29 June 2012

Make Him Over Hunt VII - 3

MHOH 7 Mash Mish

I'm back again to share more goodies from the Make Him Over Hunt. I'm going to make this a quick post rather than repeat the things I've said in previous posts about making sure you're in the group so that you can collect the gifts and that it runs until the 15th of July so you still have plenty of time to tart yourself up. Or maybe I am just going to repeat myself...Yep sure looks that way!

This time around I'm showing you the skin from Tellaq, Pocket Mirrors shape and mesh T-shirt from G-Series. As a side note, the jeans I'm wearing aren't a hunt item but are available to purchase from jp:dsg if you're interested.

Less is more MHOH 7

I decided not to mention the cyber eyes in the bit above because I think they deserve a little section all of their own. They are animated so that the lighter blue area rotates which is kinda cool. I think I might have to create a sci-fi styled Kook with these as part of the outfit in the not too distant future. If you can find Mars symbol at Less is More they are all yours!

Happy hunting,


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