Sunday, 17 June 2012

I'm a Sideshow Freak!

I'm a SideShow Freak

I'm back again with a few more items from the Return of the Sideshow Freak Hunt having found a nifty place to take my pictures. The ZombiePopcorn Carnival is currently in town and provides both the backdrop for my picture as well as a fantastic opportunity to do a bit of shopping and pick up a few free gifts!

I happened to bump into an undead 'petite' fairy while I was there that commented how I looked really scary but fit nicely into the theme of the sim which was sweet of her (I think). Maybe I should have told her that this isn't a costume at all. That it is how I look every morning before taking a shower and trying making myself look presentable. I bet she would've been gone in a flash if I had!

Anyway! The hair, glasses and skin I'm wearing all come from The Happy Hat. I absolutely love the glasses, the instant I put them on I was giggling like a (freaky) little school girl and just knew they had to feature in a post here on my blog. The outfit including dress, shoes, head dress, choker (not shown) torn gloves and tights is available at the hunt start point, Ol' Dirty Bastards, if you can find it. There are two gifts here, the before show and after show versions of this outfit.

Have fun and happy hunting!

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