Tuesday, 5 June 2012

+DV8+ From The Norm

    +DV8+ [P I X E L S ] and [SyS]

Don't you just love it when a certain look you've had in mind comes together? On this occasion the finished article turned out even better than I had imagined it would.

I received the boots as a group gift* a little while back from [SyS] Design. They are far from something I would usually wear and yet I loved them the moment I saw them. I decided almost instantly that I wanted to work a look around them but various attempts of sticking them on the Kook as we know her seemed to fail miserably.

Another group gift*, this time from P I X E L S, gave me a body base to work from. There are two anime avatar bases available to group members Kat Skratch and Lil Witch - the later of which I'm using - as well as a complete anime avatar "Android GlaDOS"  All three of these come with modify permissions so you can alter them to suit your taste and style.

I think the outfit pulls the whole thing together and it comes from +DV8+. Sadly this is another store that will be closing its doors soon. Until it does everything apart from a few items like fat packs have been reduced right down to just L$50.

The backdrop you can see behind me is just a very small snippet of an amazing group of sims called Insilico. I can't quite remember which one I went to but they're all worth exploring if you have some time on your hands.

Until next time,

* Both groups have a small joining fee.


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