Saturday, 16 June 2012

Dannyboyo @ Nitroglobus Gallery

Thursday evening I attended another exhibit opening party at the Nitroglobus Gallery, owned and managed by my good friends Dido Haas and her partner in crime (amongst other things) Nitro Fireguard. I have to say that I've enjoyed the other parties immensely, but this was definitely the best so far!

Dannyboyo Opening - The Artist Dannyboyo

Dannyboyo (pictured above) is hoping to gain some reaction and feedback on his artwork which will be featuring at the gallery for the next month. It is the first time his works have been displayed for other people to look at and enjoy.

The subject matter could prove to be a source of controversy but for me controversy is what art is all about. What one person defines as a masterpiece will vary from the next. It's all a matter of personal tastes and preferences.

Dannyboyo Opening Party - Gathering

I find his images striking and intriguing with the vibrant colours and variety of shades. In many ways they remind me of shots you might see on a thermal imaging camera. Quite cleverly Dannyboyo has decided to feature a few different styles of his artwork ranging from abstract to more daring provocative images.

Dannyboyo Opening Party
(Click to view larger image)

I had an absolute blast at the party and found myself giggling for practically the entire time I was in attendance. That was mostly brought about by fantastic company and the green, yellow and red things in my pictures which I am sure you're wondering about

Let me explain...

The party started out with general chatting about the art of Dannyboyo Resident and diverted off to other things as tends to happen. There was music playing in the background and we'd all started to shake some booty when, all of a sudden, one of the party goers got out a rainbow coloured slug mount. One slug lead to another slug and before long almost everyone was doing a bucking slug bronco boogie. It was a laugh a minute second!

Dannyboyo Opening - Bottoms up!

At most parties a glass of champagne would be lifted, but on this occasion there were no glasses in the air, we had slug arses in the air! I had to add this picture because it's worthy of a giggle or three and pretty sums up the atmosphere of the night we had.

I wish Dannyboyo well with his art in the future and hope that the good people of Second Life will hop over to the gallery, have a look at his work and leave him some feedback, thoughts and opinions so he can decide whether continuing to showcase his work in SL is going to be worth while.

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