Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Cute As A Button

Nono Moogle

This has to be one of the cutest avatars I've come across in a long time other than the zooby's cat and sec micro fox. Before I came across it on the marketplace I had absolutely no idea what a Moogle was but damn they're absolutely adorable!

This little guy is a representation of Nono, one of six Moogle brothers that feature in the series of Final Fantasy games. Nono likes airships and uses his wrench to fix stuff, the little tinker.

The little bit of orange you can just see to the left of his head is something all Moogles have and they are very sensitive about having their "pom poms" touched so please leave well alone if you see me hopping around. 

Nono, along with several other Moogle avatars, are available from DB Studios. I think I'll be going back shortly to pick up Hurdy as well. I can't believe that this quality item is available for just L$150. It's another fantastic bargain.

The avatar doesn't really represent the Final Fantasy Moogle height wise. This is quite a large avatar when they're depicted as small mammals in the game but the detailing and way that Nono has otherwise been captured is top rate. 

Those ears. That little face. The cute button nose. What's not to like?
If I wasn't cute before I sure as heck am now.

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