Sunday, 24 June 2012

Back to Earth Without a Bump

Gosh, this week has been so amazing to the point of it seeming like a dream. I've been hovering way up high on cloud nine pinching myself to make sure it isn't. I think it's only now the reality that Sol and I are partnered is truly sinking in and it's the most glorious feeling in the world. 

Today I want to share this little outfit I've put together with you all. It's very simple, nicely detailed, wonderfully casual and with the exception of my shoes, all mesh. The military style jacket is the first offering for females from Kauna. The textures are fabulous and it comes with the ability to change the colour of the jacket, trim and buttons via the included HUD. Please try the demo to make sure it fits before you buy it as there is only one size available.

The wonderful trousers I'm wearing are from BUID and were a hunt gift. There are plenty of other very similar jeans available to purchase. They fit really nicely and the wrinkles are all well placed giving a realistic look when you move.

The boots I'm wearing are something I've had for a long while. I still think that they are some of the finest looking combat style boots that you can buy. They are from The Abyss which is a place I like to visit not just for the things they sell but also the view.

I hope you're all enjoying a nice relaxing lazy Sunday. I'm going to go and enjoy the rest of mine.

Until next time,


lettersfromlaunna said...

Have an awesome week and I am so happy for you, it is amazing when you meet someone you feel close to.

I do feel better, much better... whatever I had only lasted for 24 hours:)

Kooky Jules said...

I hope you have an awesome week too, Launna and I'm glad that you're feeling better too :)

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