Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Apelz Cloud Avatar

Apelz Avatar +DV8+ Hair

After playing silly so-and-so's for a while I'm quite happy with this little avatar. The base is the free "Cloud" avatar from Apelz which can be found in-world and on the marketplace. This avatar is basic but comes with modify permissions so you can alter it to your liking which is always a good thing.

I had tried several different outfits on my little space squirrel/foxy/kitty-thing before settling on this armour from Storm Store. Out of the box it was absolutely massive, but again the item comes with modify permissions so it was nothing that couldn't be fixed with the help of a re-size script and a little tweaking here and there. I think during this project I learned I do have patience for this kind of thing - some of the time!

The funky colour-change hair is a +DV8+ product but is no longer available as the store recently closed its doors. I also wasn't keen on the legs that came with the avatar so have used some K&L kitty feet that came with one of the complete outfits I purchased some time ago.

That's about it!
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