Saturday, 30 June 2012

Natural Distractions

Chasing Butterflies

Argh! I don't do well staying still at the best of times. Being able to see that butterfly flitting over the pond while I try to hold this pose for a picture is not an easy task for a playful kitty girl like me. All I really want to do is turn and chase it with no intentions of catching it, it would just be fun! When the time comes I will have to be careful. The last thing I want to do is plunge into the pond and ending up with a wet tail. I don't really want to get my shoes or new clothes wet either.

Speaking of my clothes I'm wearing my favourite pair of jeans from jp:dsg. They are a mesh item and come with a variety of options. You can wear them clean or dirty, change the belt, handkerchief and key chain colours. You also have the option of wearing all or a combination of the key chain, smart phone (back pocket) and handkerchief (back pocket) as takes your fancy.

Below them on my feet are a pair of really nicely 'worn' textured boots from Deco. They are something I have had for a long time now and I love them. They just look like they'd be comfortable to wear and are a staple item in my wardrobe. 

The shirt I'm wearing is a limited time L$50 offering from Piccara. I am not sure how long it is going to remain at this low price so if you like the look of it I'd hop over there sooner rather than later. It is mesh item and comes with several sizes in the package along with an alpha layer.

The white rolled sleeves you can see come as part of the plaid shirt. I added a tank top underneath to give this look more of a complete feel. I did try with a different coloured under shirt at first but decided it looked much better with this white tank from

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have me a flutterby to chase!
Until next time,

Friday, 29 June 2012

Make Him Over Hunt VII - 3

MHOH 7 Mash Mish

I'm back again to share more goodies from the Make Him Over Hunt. I'm going to make this a quick post rather than repeat the things I've said in previous posts about making sure you're in the group so that you can collect the gifts and that it runs until the 15th of July so you still have plenty of time to tart yourself up. Or maybe I am just going to repeat myself...Yep sure looks that way!

This time around I'm showing you the skin from Tellaq, Pocket Mirrors shape and mesh T-shirt from G-Series. As a side note, the jeans I'm wearing aren't a hunt item but are available to purchase from jp:dsg if you're interested.

Less is more MHOH 7

I decided not to mention the cyber eyes in the bit above because I think they deserve a little section all of their own. They are animated so that the lighter blue area rotates which is kinda cool. I think I might have to create a sci-fi styled Kook with these as part of the outfit in the not too distant future. If you can find Mars symbol at Less is More they are all yours!

Happy hunting,

Make Him Over Hunt VII - 2

MHOH 7 Mish Mash

Bonjour Mesdames et Messieurs!

Welcome to another instalment of Make Him Over Hunt items here on my blog. It seems that sometimes I can spend an age getting things to look 'just so' and other times things just all fall in to place without a great deal of effort. This chap falls into the latter category and looks pretty damn fine with his definite European, and maybe more specifically, French feel. I don't know what makes me think France when I see this Kooky boy, but I do, hence the Eiffel Tower backdrop.

All of the items I've used ( excluding the pose) are available in the Make Him Over Hunt for the grand cost of nothing, apart from a little bit of patience while seeking out the hunt item - a yellow Mars Symbol. The hunt runs right up to the 15th of July so you have plenty of time to grab yourself a heap of goodies.

The Ultra Shape shape and skin from Urban Republic really do compliment each other nicely. I've added the eyes and cap from the previously blogged Young, Rich & Beautiful complete avatar, the outfit from Vero Modero and the boots are from Pure.

I think I am going to do a spot of sight seeing before I go and hunt out a few more goodies. 

Until next time,

Make Him Over Hunt VII - 1

Young, Rich Beautiful MHOH7

I'm sure that many of you are already aware that the Make Him Over Hunt is back for the seventh time and just as good as I remember it may I hasten to add!

I spent a while hunting down some of the yellow Mars symbols hidden inside the 78 participating stores this week and wanted to share some of my favourite items with you. I found some hunt objects were harder to find than others and I must admit to being grateful for some of the more straight forward ones.

The first item I want to show you from the hunt is this complete avatar from Young, Rich & Beautiful. With the exception of the boots which I replaced with the hunt gift from Pure you get everything you see in the image. Skin, shape, eyes, hairbase, hat and clothing. A very generous gift indeed!

All the items in this hunt are free, but you do have to be a member of the in-world group and have it active to be able to click and collect your gifts from the hunt object so don't forget to join before you start.

Happy hunting!

Until next time,

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Back to Earth Without a Bump

Gosh, this week has been so amazing to the point of it seeming like a dream. I've been hovering way up high on cloud nine pinching myself to make sure it isn't. I think it's only now the reality that Sol and I are partnered is truly sinking in and it's the most glorious feeling in the world. 

Today I want to share this little outfit I've put together with you all. It's very simple, nicely detailed, wonderfully casual and with the exception of my shoes, all mesh. The military style jacket is the first offering for females from Kauna. The textures are fabulous and it comes with the ability to change the colour of the jacket, trim and buttons via the included HUD. Please try the demo to make sure it fits before you buy it as there is only one size available.

The wonderful trousers I'm wearing are from BUID and were a hunt gift. There are plenty of other very similar jeans available to purchase. They fit really nicely and the wrinkles are all well placed giving a realistic look when you move.

The boots I'm wearing are something I've had for a long while. I still think that they are some of the finest looking combat style boots that you can buy. They are from The Abyss which is a place I like to visit not just for the things they sell but also the view.

I hope you're all enjoying a nice relaxing lazy Sunday. I'm going to go and enjoy the rest of mine.

Until next time,

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Take an Ogle at my Moogle

Hurdy - Moogle

Yesterday I wrote a post that features another one of these adorable Moogle avatars from DB Studios. In case you've never heard of them like I hadn't before stumbling across this store they are a race of extremely cute winged mammals found in the Final Fantasy games.

This one is Hurdy, twin brother of Gurdy, and another of the six Moogle siblings from Ivalice. Hurdy's first appearance in Final Fantasy was as a Bard as part of a mission. Another section of the wiki says he runs one of five Moogling services which teleport people from one place to another so I'm guessing even game characters have to have two jobs to make ends meet these days. That or he got bored and moved on from one thing to another.

These avatars are really nicely made, highly detailed and are dead ringers for the characters they are representing. Another huge bonus is that they're extremely reasonably priced at just L$150 each.

There plenty of other complete avatars available from DB Studios including several freebies and a couple of other Moogle avatars that start at just L$10.

Now I just have to decide which one of these cute creatures to run around as. Decisions, decisions...

Until next time,

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I'm On Top of The World

I am so happy and overwhelmed right now that words (almost) elude me. Today, 20th June 2012, will be remembered by me as one of the best...EVER!


The beautiful lady pictured above tortured me in the most delicious way this afternoon. She told me that there was a question she'd like to ask me and then added it would be best to wait until the evening when we'd have more time. In those few hours between afternoon and evening my mind conjured up a host of possibilities all of which were off the mark by a long shot!

Solvej asked me to do her the honour of becoming her partner and I said yes!

I feel so lucky, so extraordinarily happy. I never dreamed of this happening to me... little me.. that silly neko girl that gets all bouncy excited at the smallest little thing. But it has and it's the greatest feeling in the world!

Thank you for making an honest woman of me Solvej. I <3 you!

Until next time,

Cute As A Button

Nono Moogle

This has to be one of the cutest avatars I've come across in a long time other than the zooby's cat and sec micro fox. Before I came across it on the marketplace I had absolutely no idea what a Moogle was but damn they're absolutely adorable!

This little guy is a representation of Nono, one of six Moogle brothers that feature in the series of Final Fantasy games. Nono likes airships and uses his wrench to fix stuff, the little tinker.

The little bit of orange you can just see to the left of his head is something all Moogles have and they are very sensitive about having their "pom poms" touched so please leave well alone if you see me hopping around. 

Nono, along with several other Moogle avatars, are available from DB Studios. I think I'll be going back shortly to pick up Hurdy as well. I can't believe that this quality item is available for just L$150. It's another fantastic bargain.

The avatar doesn't really represent the Final Fantasy Moogle height wise. This is quite a large avatar when they're depicted as small mammals in the game but the detailing and way that Nono has otherwise been captured is top rate. 

Those ears. That little face. The cute button nose. What's not to like?
If I wasn't cute before I sure as heck am now.

Until next time,

Apelz Cloud Avatar

Apelz Avatar +DV8+ Hair

After playing silly so-and-so's for a while I'm quite happy with this little avatar. The base is the free "Cloud" avatar from Apelz which can be found in-world and on the marketplace. This avatar is basic but comes with modify permissions so you can alter it to your liking which is always a good thing.

I had tried several different outfits on my little space squirrel/foxy/kitty-thing before settling on this armour from Storm Store. Out of the box it was absolutely massive, but again the item comes with modify permissions so it was nothing that couldn't be fixed with the help of a re-size script and a little tweaking here and there. I think during this project I learned I do have patience for this kind of thing - some of the time!

The funky colour-change hair is a +DV8+ product but is no longer available as the store recently closed its doors. I also wasn't keen on the legs that came with the avatar so have used some K&L kitty feet that came with one of the complete outfits I purchased some time ago.

That's about it!
Until next time,

Sunday, 17 June 2012

I'm a Sideshow Freak!

I'm a SideShow Freak

I'm back again with a few more items from the Return of the Sideshow Freak Hunt having found a nifty place to take my pictures. The ZombiePopcorn Carnival is currently in town and provides both the backdrop for my picture as well as a fantastic opportunity to do a bit of shopping and pick up a few free gifts!

I happened to bump into an undead 'petite' fairy while I was there that commented how I looked really scary but fit nicely into the theme of the sim which was sweet of her (I think). Maybe I should have told her that this isn't a costume at all. That it is how I look every morning before taking a shower and trying making myself look presentable. I bet she would've been gone in a flash if I had!

Anyway! The hair, glasses and skin I'm wearing all come from The Happy Hat. I absolutely love the glasses, the instant I put them on I was giggling like a (freaky) little school girl and just knew they had to feature in a post here on my blog. The outfit including dress, shoes, head dress, choker (not shown) torn gloves and tights is available at the hunt start point, Ol' Dirty Bastards, if you can find it. There are two gifts here, the before show and after show versions of this outfit.

Have fun and happy hunting!

Until next time

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Dannyboyo @ Nitroglobus Gallery

Thursday evening I attended another exhibit opening party at the Nitroglobus Gallery, owned and managed by my good friends Dido Haas and her partner in crime (amongst other things) Nitro Fireguard. I have to say that I've enjoyed the other parties immensely, but this was definitely the best so far!

Dannyboyo Opening - The Artist Dannyboyo

Dannyboyo (pictured above) is hoping to gain some reaction and feedback on his artwork which will be featuring at the gallery for the next month. It is the first time his works have been displayed for other people to look at and enjoy.

The subject matter could prove to be a source of controversy but for me controversy is what art is all about. What one person defines as a masterpiece will vary from the next. It's all a matter of personal tastes and preferences.

Dannyboyo Opening Party - Gathering

I find his images striking and intriguing with the vibrant colours and variety of shades. In many ways they remind me of shots you might see on a thermal imaging camera. Quite cleverly Dannyboyo has decided to feature a few different styles of his artwork ranging from abstract to more daring provocative images.

Dannyboyo Opening Party
(Click to view larger image)

I had an absolute blast at the party and found myself giggling for practically the entire time I was in attendance. That was mostly brought about by fantastic company and the green, yellow and red things in my pictures which I am sure you're wondering about

Let me explain...

The party started out with general chatting about the art of Dannyboyo Resident and diverted off to other things as tends to happen. There was music playing in the background and we'd all started to shake some booty when, all of a sudden, one of the party goers got out a rainbow coloured slug mount. One slug lead to another slug and before long almost everyone was doing a bucking slug bronco boogie. It was a laugh a minute second!

Dannyboyo Opening - Bottoms up!

At most parties a glass of champagne would be lifted, but on this occasion there were no glasses in the air, we had slug arses in the air! I had to add this picture because it's worthy of a giggle or three and pretty sums up the atmosphere of the night we had.

I wish Dannyboyo well with his art in the future and hope that the good people of Second Life will hop over to the gallery, have a look at his work and leave him some feedback, thoughts and opinions so he can decide whether continuing to showcase his work in SL is going to be worth while.

Until next time,

Friday, 15 June 2012

Oh Mah Gah!!!

There are many different opinions about whether the Second Life Marketplace is a positive or negative thing. I'm not going to go into the ins and outs of that here all I will say is that, in my opinion, it's a very useful tool. Without it I wouldn't know about some of the stores I've come to love shopping at in-world and I would also be totally missing out on things like the gems I am going to show you below in a few moments.

I am a very simple, easily pleased person and when I find something that tickles my kooky pickle I can't help but wiggle around all excited and shout (inwardly unless it's something really bloomin' marvellous) 

**click click click** 
Buy now! Buy now! Buy now!

Tiger Mesh Av

This reaction flooded to the surface when I found the avatars pictured above and below. They are made using mesh, and I will say that the way they are rigged is definitely not perfect, but for the price they are being sold at and the potential fun there is to be had with them that is a moot point for me.

Mesh Avatars

I dont mind if my arm looks like it's been flatterned out into a pancake, or contorted to resemble a piece of spaghetti now and again. My AO cycles and moves a lot anyway so the deformation of the avatar is only there briefly.

I don't know much about mesh, but I understand that it's not easy to get things just right and I'm more than willing to let the odd strangely placed bend or twist fly under my radar because I think they're awesome! I love my bouncy tiger, sweet pink princess and Italian plumber boy!

There is a vast selection of these avatars to pick from at the marketplace store. A few of them are only L$10 (like the princess) and most others are a snip at just L$100 each.

So much fun for so few Linden Dollars makes for one excitable happy me I can tell you!

Until next time,

Monday, 11 June 2012


Kooky VC Designs C-005
(VC Creations outfit with HOC Industries mesh thigh high boots)

I'm leaning on a lamp-post at the corner of the street,
In case a certain little lady comes by..
Oh me, Oh my, I hope the little lady comes by...

The little lady didn't come by my lamp-post at the corner of the street this time around but I did get to see her. 

There is this very cute, very curious little kitten that often asks me "Whatchadoin" and that simple question often leads to an adventure of some kind. This time when she asked I was visiting VC Designs taking advantage of the closing sale. TPTPTPTPTPTPTP! she asked and I reciprocated by sending a 'taxi' to her.

We had a good look round all the creations Vanillia Chemistry has come up with over the last five years and were really impressed by the unique feel of each one. All the products in the store have been reduced right down from their original prices to either L$50 or L$100. There is also one super cute outfit available for just L$5 on marketplace and at the in-world store.

VC Designs - Contrasting Kitties

I added a couple of outfits to my wardrobe - C-005 which you can see above and C-006 which my good friend and fellow blogger Dido features here. Ellie came away with the White Raven outfit. Doesn't she look adorable?

At the moment there is no set closing date for VC Deigns but I would guess it will be around the end of the month judging on what the blog says. It's such a shame that another shop is closing, particularly one filled with unique products but that's the way the cookie crumbles I suppose.

Mmmm cookies.

Until next time,

Saturday, 9 June 2012

I spy...

Six new sets of "Deep" eyes,

Kooky's ID Eyes & Izzie's lashes

These absolutely stunning eyes are available from the Men's Department where a new collection was recently unveiled. You get both the regular eye base and a mesh version for just L$50 per pair.

For a while now I've taken to wearing a different coloured eye in each socket so I was happy to see that my colours of choice both featured in this offering from ID. I picked up the gunmetal and olive shades which seem to compliment each other rather nicely.

To further enhance the beauty of my little peepers I finally bit the bullet, took a deep breath and spent a bit of time adjusting a pair of Izzie's prim eyelashes to fit properly. I was pretty amazed by the difference it actually makes and wish I'd done it far sooner.

Still, better late than never.

Until next time

Friday, 8 June 2012

Return of the Side Show Freaks!

Hurrah! The side show freaks have arrived back in town  They got here on the 2nd and wont be departing again until the 30th of June so you have plenty of time to see all of the attractions.

The primary location you need to know about is the main event tent belonging to those Ol' Dirty Bastards. Here you'll find information pinned to a board about all the other freak filled locations you can visit.

If you can find the 'ticket' hidden at each one you will earn yourself a dark carnival, circus, or side show freak themed prize. I wonder if there is a cuddly toy!

Ringmaster Reject

I'd been hearing whispers that the Ring-mistress had gone missing from the main tent. As I went around the various points of interest I kept an eye out for her. I did come across one lady that looked to be dressed the part at The Little Bat (outfit and face tattoo) but she seemed too disorientated to tell me whether she was where she should be or not. She kept repeating something about a Forbidden Berry (skin) but I wasn't really paying much attention to what she was saying.

DrD Bozo boots

My eyes were fixed on her giant DrD Bozo boots* as I listened to her incoherent ramblings. I nodded and uh-huh'd politely, tryiing to contain the building laughter at the sight of her funny shoes.

Whew! Luck was on my side. Right before the giggling bubbled to the surface and burst free an interval was called. It was time for me to make a sharp exit and go get some much needed refreshments.

Until next time,

* Not a hunt item.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Spirit by Claudia222 Jewell

There are some things that leave you without fitting words to describe them and this installation "Spirit" by Claudia222 Jewell on the Art Screamer sim is one of them.. As I wandered around all I could hear myself saying was "Wow" over and over again.

Art Screamer - Spirit - Avatar

Beneath a canopy at the arrival point you can become part of the art with a generous gift from Claudia222 - the mesh spirit avatar you can see pictured above. This instantly drew me into this earthy theatre of dreams...

Or is it more of a nightmare than a dream?

Artscreamer - Spirit -  Spirit Pool

I love the way that nothing is quite as it seems at first glance. The closer you look the more you come to realise that the outward beauty is tainted by a hint of darkness. In some cases it might be that inside the darkness there is a beauty to be found if you look hard enough. It's no easy feat to make something that seems fitting for a nightmare a thing of beauty but Claudia222 has accomplished just that, and magnificently so if I do say so myself.

Art Screamer - Spirit - Octopussy

I would suggest exploring the exhibit with the sound on and using the sim default windlight settings so you can truly get a feel for this fabulous place. After I had done that I clicked through several more and was quite shocked at the array of colour before my eyes. Darkness, light, mystery, intrigue, this place has it all and more.

If you find yourself with some time on your hands Art Screamer is more than worth a visit. I rate it highly and am sure that when I return again I'll see things that I didn't see this time round.

Until next time,

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Where me Keys? Where me Phone?

Sometimes when an opportunity arises you have to grab it with both hands and run with it which is what I'm doing. I have seen a fair few blog posts already with Label Motion's subscribo gift in them and I'm going to jump on the band wagon adding another to the list.

Before I go any further I must apologise for subjecting you to the video I've placed at the bottom of this post. If you've never seen it before I urge you to keep it that way. If you have I hope you know where your keys and phone are to save you from feeling compelled to sing along.

Truth (hair) is she's a filthy (skin) girl

As soon as I saw this phone prop I was reminded of the annoying song I've mentioned above. It became a real hit after airing on a UK talent show - oh how we LOVE talent shows! How something like this qualifies as talent I'll never know but I can't deny the fact it IS entertaining.

It's one of those dreadfully catchy tunes that get stuck in your head and even though you don't particularly like it your foot seems to have a mind of its own and taps away to the beat despite you. For weeks I could hear people in the streets asking where their keys and phone were. Argh!

Along with the previously mentioned phone prop I've been switching things up yet again. I'm wearing the June group gift skin and shape from Filthy, a subscribo gift hair from Truth called Jessie in the sangria tone and the night version of SAKIDE's hunt gift for the Mesh Around Hunt.

The Filthy group is free to join for just a couple days more before the fee will go back up to L$199 and I'd like to point out that both the hair from Truth and SAKIDE items are mesh so you'll need a mesh enabled viewer to see them correctly.

I know where my phone is but I'm not sure about my keys I think I'm going to go look for them!

Where me keys... There me phone. Where me keys... There me phone...
Oh goodness! Someone save me!

Until next time,

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

+DV8+ From The Norm

    +DV8+ [P I X E L S ] and [SyS]

Don't you just love it when a certain look you've had in mind comes together? On this occasion the finished article turned out even better than I had imagined it would.

I received the boots as a group gift* a little while back from [SyS] Design. They are far from something I would usually wear and yet I loved them the moment I saw them. I decided almost instantly that I wanted to work a look around them but various attempts of sticking them on the Kook as we know her seemed to fail miserably.

Another group gift*, this time from P I X E L S, gave me a body base to work from. There are two anime avatar bases available to group members Kat Skratch and Lil Witch - the later of which I'm using - as well as a complete anime avatar "Android GlaDOS"  All three of these come with modify permissions so you can alter them to suit your taste and style.

I think the outfit pulls the whole thing together and it comes from +DV8+. Sadly this is another store that will be closing its doors soon. Until it does everything apart from a few items like fat packs have been reduced right down to just L$50.

The backdrop you can see behind me is just a very small snippet of an amazing group of sims called Insilico. I can't quite remember which one I went to but they're all worth exploring if you have some time on your hands.

Until next time,

* Both groups have a small joining fee.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Me & My Shadow

As I was creating this post I realised that the one previous to it was my 100th! It seems a long time since I wrote my first and I guess it has been really. I wonder how many I'd have reached by now if I hadn't stopped blogging for a while.

Me & My Shadow

As you can probably tell by both the title of this post and the pictures I've been playing around with shadows in SL. This is is something I've not been able to do before for some reason that I can't fathom. I had been edging closer and closer to my wits end as I found myself crashing more and more no matter what graphics setting or viewer I used.

It seemed to happen more frequently in places with lots of textures and/or avatars which meant that a lot of the time it was happening I'd be having a real blast with friends and disappear mid conversation which drove me up the wall. I'd also never been able to enable all the fandangled 'posh bits' like shadows without the viewer instantly crashing on me.


Just recently I switched to using a lower spec computer than I had been using before and all of a sudden I'm not crashing, I can have shadows on and everything runs as smooth as silk. I have absolutely no idea why that is the case but I don't really care!

It's really nice to be able to see SL in all of its glory and I've been enjoying playing around with shadows and different windlight settings to see what kinds of atmospheres I can create. I just love the way my stomach looks in the shot on the right in the lower picture. Yum!

So this isn't a post filled with rambles and not much else I'll tell you what I'm wearing;

My top is from coldLogic and was a hunt gift. There are very similar shirts available to purchase in the store. 
I absolutely love these mesh jeans from [JP]:dsg. I spent such a long time hunting down the 'perfect' mesh jeans for me. I tried many that were too skinny legged, or too low crotched and baggy for my liking but these ones are juuuust right!
Finally on my feet are a pair of completely customisable chucks available from [NV]

Until next time,

Friday, 1 June 2012

Men Only Hunt II

The Men Only Hunt is ending on 9th of June so if you guys want to kit yourself out with some new clobber or change your look a bit for free now is a great time to do it. There are a bundle of fabulous items for you to find and many of them are mesh so it's a great opportunity to give that a whirl if you're still sitting on the fence.

I showed some of the items I like from the hunt a few days ago here and am going to show you more of them right now. Just before I do I want say that besides the skin everything I'm showing is from the men only hunt. For a limited time the group enrollment fee at Filthy has been dropped so you can join for free and receive this handsome skin gift.

MOH Deco

First up we have the gifts from Deco (top and pants both mesh) [F]ush0n (shape) and Expressive poses (pose). I've also used the sneakers from LaRosa's gift as these pants looked kinda weird with bare feet poking out the bottom.

MOH LaRosa & Reilia
Second we have a mini mish mash of mesh baggy crotched pants and sneakers from LaRosa and this wonderful summery tank top from Reilia skin which is another mesh item. This time I've used one of the poses that came in the gift from Purple Poses.


Finally I'm showing you the Ragdoll's shape, Mayfly eyes and some of the mesh tops that are available in this hunt. The shirts are from Spearsong (left), 7Style (middle) and Urban Republic Co (right)

Until next time,
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