Wednesday, 9 May 2012

When SL & RL Collide

It warms my heart and restores some of my faith in humanity when people pull together for a good cause, particularly with the world economy as it is right now.Whether it is something that will benefit one or many the generosity of Second Life residents is something that can't be questioned.

So many good causes are supported in an and around the grid that it is impossible to mention them all. Recently though we've had Wear Grey and the Fantasy Faire. Taking place right now are events such as Culture Shock and the Ashraya project.

Today I want to return to something I posted about a couple of days back here.

Help 4 Shadow @ Collabor88

The owner of Intrigue Co's cat, Shadow, has been diagnosed with CRF (Chronic Renal Failure) and needs to have his kidneys flushed.  I always think that having a pet is like having a child. When they're happy you're happy, when they're unwell you want to do all that you can to 'fix' them and make them better again. The unfortunate thing is, as I am sure you know, it really can be an expensive affair.

After having a sale at her store to help raise funds to pay for treatment the opportunity to help contribute continues through this beautiful piece of art from Toast Bard. You can pick it up at the Collabor88 shopping event that just opened its doors with a new collection.

I get really passionate about things like this and just wanted to help spread the word. The more people that know the more chance there is of Shadow getting his much needed treatment with less of a financial worry for his owner, Katharine.

This really is one of those occasions where every little really does help so please do so if you can.

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