Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Pin-up Girl

Today I took a look at the new "pin-up" themed collection at Perfect Wardrobe and found myself unable to pass up this really beautiful "Cassandra" skin from Izzie's.

It has inspired the creation of a completely new look for the usually very casual Kook.

Ace of spades pin-up

Yes, Kooky really is under there somewhere. I had to slightly modify my shape so the mesh corset I'm wearing would fit ( I needed bigger boobs!) but other than that nothing has changed.

What a difference a skin makes.!

Ace Pin-up

The corset is from Etchaflesh and comes with FOURTEEN sizes - 7 for prim boobs, 7 for regular boobs - so there should be one that fits, or is close to fitting your shape. 

If you want to bag a bargain Etchaflesh have promotional deals on marketplace bringing the price of some corsets down to just L$ 100 from the L$ 275 they're selling for in the in-world store. 

I also paid Artilleri a vist and picked up both the glasses and hair from there. The hair comes scripted with a variety of texture options packed into the head scarf.

Finally, after digging around in my inventory, I found these prim heels from HOC. They are another fab and reasonably priced item. The shoes come with a selection of colours and additional textures if you wear your HOC group tag before putting on the colour change HUD. They're not really retro, but heels are timeless!

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