Sunday, 6 May 2012

Lazy Sunday: Pyjama Party.

Roo n Ram

I love lazy Sundays. Usually it means a snugglefest at home with my beloved, but this week things are a little different.

While the Peach is away, her kitty will play.. Dress-up!

What I love about it most is that I can amuse myself in her absence and be a great source of entertainment when she is back again. I can already hear several words that will accompany the sound of laughter and a shake of the head. 

It'll go something along the lines of being told I'm a "silly kitten" and that will be closely followed by something about me being cute and adorable....Which I'm not. These pictures are evidence of that!

Ram and Roo


On the 4th of May Intrigue Co turned three. To celebrate its anniversary three newly released items have been set out for a minimum donation of L$10 each.

There are the two pyjama sets that are shown here as well as a ridable panda which is super cute. This offer will be available until the 7th at which point the items will go back up to the regular price of L$100.

The funds raised from the sale of these items will be going towards vet bills for Katharine's RL cat, Shadow, who was recently diagnosed with CRF.

Please give as generously as you can to this worthy cause.

Until next time,


Dido Haas said...

Love the photos!
dikke kus

Kooky Jules said...

Thanks Dido!

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