Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Kooky's Gonna Gatcha.

I received a notecard yesterday evening to say that a new round of the Gatcha Party had just begun. I really like these kinda things where you have some idea of what you're going to get and yet the colour or version of the item remains a mystery until you've made your purchase.

Gummy bears
(This mouthie comes animated so your gummies are shown every few seconds)

I came across one particular gatcha station that really got my excitabubbles bubbling. I have a fondness for gummy bears and Loka Design just happened to have a gummy bear mouthie up for grabs. I HAD to have it! It took me four tries to get the one I wanted so I ended up with a trio of other new "nahm nahms" too!

nahm nahms - Gatcha Party
(Gummy Bears, Giraffe, Acorn, Shroom.)

There are a number of really great things up for offer. You can see them all here on the Seraphim blog if you want a quick overview or take this taxi to where the party's at.

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