Monday, 7 May 2012

It's a Bloody [NV] Mad World.

Bloody [NV] Madworld

[NV]  are having a sale where clothing marked with blood drips have been reduced down to just L$ 50. There are a tonne of things available for this price including many mesh items. Everything I am wearing in the picture above are sale items.

I'm wearing:
[NV] Lost Butt  - Wash Jeans - Mesh item
[NV] Trendy Off Shoulder - Kill Zombie - Mesh item
[NV] Orig.Chuckys Classic

The Chucks are amazing and come with a variety of options. You can changed the colour of the laces and different parts of the shoe independently so the combination of colours you can have are quite literally endless. They also have the option to wear socks and/or leg warmers with them which are also colour customisable. These shoes are amazing for the 50 Lindens they cost and are going to become a staple item in my inventory without a shadow of doubt.

The sale is going to be short lived, lasting just 48 hours and I'm not sure when it began. If you want to take advantage of these crazy prices I'd hop on over as soon as you possibly can

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