Monday, 14 May 2012

Ini Inaka @ Nitroglobus Gallery

Ini Inaka @ Nitroglobus Gallery

Last night the official opening party for Ini Inaka's art exhibition at the Nitroglobus Gallery took place and it was a most wonderful and vibrant affair. There was a constant stream of visitors coming to look at the fabulous art, dance and enjoy the wonderfully relaxed atmosphere created by the hosts Dido and Nitro. 

I found the works by Ini most intriguing and I think I shall be going back soon for another look around when it will be quieter. If you decide to visit there is a collection of Dido's own works and also several sculptures by Ntro which I loved looking at.

It is great to see things like this bringing people together and getting so much support. The image here really doesn't do the setting or the images you can see justice so if your interest has been captured please do take a taxi and have a walk around.

Until next time,


lettersfromlaunna said...

How nice to just randomly dance around the art :)

Kooky Jules said...

It was a fantastic evening and great to see the support for both the gallery and artist. I am glad I was a part of it. :)

Thanks for your comment!

Dido Haas said...

hey great photo Kooky, can you add this too to the NItroglobus Gallery group?
thx in advance and big hug!

Kooky Jules said...

Of course. It'll be my pleasure to add it :)

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