Monday, 7 May 2012

If You're Cute & You Know It...

... Clap your hands.

Butter wouldn't melt

**Claps excitedly! **

A few days back I carried on exploring the world of goodies out there for child avatars in Second Life. I had no idea that it would be so much fun!

I created this cute 'butter wouldn't melt' look by trying my luck on the boards at Mother Goose's. I came up trumps with this beautiful, soft skin called Lena I. It comes in two versions; one with teeth and one without.

There are quite a few skins that seem to be fitting for a younger look on the many boards at Mother Goose's as well as several more if you prefer something more mature. The other great thing is the lucky letters change every three minutes so you don't have to hang around for forever and a day waiting for your letter/number to pop up.

I always find that the marketplace is a good to look through when you have a specific direction in mind. It's also a great place to find inspiration if you want to try something new. While I was browsing I found this cute outfit from LOC that consists of top, capri pants, flip flops and a head band (which I'm not wearing)

Finally to complete the look I hopped over to D!va and picked up one of the many fantastic free (for group members) hair styles that are available. This one is Marie type B in the Cat's eye tone.

Next time I think I'll show you another style I have created that is a little more Kooky by nature. I just had to share this with you though because of the adorable overload factor. She's just sooooo cute!

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